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WOOOOOO....What's up Slayers!!!
This is our first National Online  TEAM Slot Series!!!
What does that mean, you ask?
This is just like any other
Catch Photo Release event , just online where you will have an opportunity to compete against other Slayers from across the nation, but now as a TEAM! Double dip if you have a live event same day and a chance to make some extra money and new friends!

Your teammate can be from anywhere else in the country! It will be the best 10 fish for that day you both fish, so best 5 from each teammate!

These events will be ran using TourneyX, be sure to create your account by visiting

So what's a SLOT series???
You still submit your Best Five Bass, but here's the criteria-
Each angler is allowed to submit: Best 10 Bass per team
* 4- Bass up to 18 inches
* 1- Bass  20 inches or over

(Anglers with highest amount of inches that weekend, is the winner)
1st,2nd,3rd & Big Bass will be paid out*******
Slot Series Payout------coming soon

You can fish any of your local Public bodies of water however you want, from a boat, bank fish, kayak etc.....
Artificial lures only!!! NO LIVE BAIT
( disqualified)
Visit our tournament rules page for more information on how to submit a fish properly, what measuring boards are allowed and more......
Entry fee per event will be- $39.50

Director: Alvin Paliani  - email:


(anglers choose 1 out of the 2 days to fish)



Additional Rules Here -------------->

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