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-Nationwide Online Opportunities for Lady Anglers only!
-A great way for new anglers to get comfortable fishing Catch, Photo, Release tournaments in a non-intimidating environment!
-Create relationships with other passionate anglers across the country!

-Must be a Slay Nation Member ( must send a copy of our Liability Waiver form to:
Liability waiver for print out------>

-Compete on any of your local Public Waters (private waters are not allowed)

-All events will be ran through
(click for website)
-Must create a free TourneyX account to participate in these events
-Earn points each event for LADY SLAYER OF THE YEAR

-3 Series
 to choose from:

1- Lady Slayers KAYAK SERIES (kayak only)
2-Lady Slayers
BOAT SERIES ( any boat: jon boat to big boat)
3Lady Slayers
BANK SERIES ( bank fishing only)
We will have 2 divisions NORTH & South. You
will register for the Series you'd like to compete in
and in your division based on your state! Each Series will have different schedules...coming out soon!

Entry Fee per event- $31
Payout Sheet------>

Top 3 & Big Bass of each event take home cash remainder of field get placed into raffle prize drawing and a chance to win a free entry fee to the next event!

All Catch,Photo Release Format: SEE Tournament Rules page for details*

Bank Fishing Anglers! : PLEASE clean the fish off , no leaves or pine needles on fish, it alters the way I can judge them especially with debris on the tail. If I can’t tell if it’s a leaf or the tail, it will be a 1 inch deduction!!!

Director: Sheryl Bentley - email:


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FOR 2024 These will all be 2 Day events***fish both days or 1, it's best 5 fish for entire event 10 INCH MINUM**

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