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(each HP series club will have different max limits )

- Catch, Photo, Release Format Events*
& Live Weigh In Events!
Each Club will vary***

(see our Tournament Rules page for more info)

-Coast Guard Approved life vest must be on deck at all times' must be worn when the combustible engine is on!
-Must be a Slay Nation Member to participate**
-FISH as a team or solo

- Boats up to 75 Horse Power must have

Minimum of $100,000 Boat owners insurance policy is required .

Boats up to 250 Horse Power MAX must have a Minimum of $300,000 Boat owners insurance policy is required .

-Updated and current copies of  Boat insurance policy forms  MUST be submitted to your Director before you fish any Slay Nation Event!!!

-Entry fee- Varies per club- per team or solo, same entry fee (per event)
-Bring cash at ramp 


Top 3 & Big Bass of each event take home cash remainder of field get placed into raffle prize drawings!

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CONNECTICUT( 250 HP Max)               (Live weigh in format)

Director: David Steele
Phone: 860-839-6192

2024 Schedule----> click here

CONNECTICUT  (75 HP & Lower)
(CPR Format)

CALIFORNIA ( Live weigh in)
Director: Jacob Bueno

2024 Schedule-->

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