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         First and foremost we Respect each other as Anglers, The Sport and the Residence around us!


Vessels Allowed: Any Canoe, Kayak and Any size Jon boat! Note:  Any sized trolling motors may be used, ( Jon Boats or Aluminum Boats must be of Small Boat Tournament status) If you are unsure if you're boat is acceptable, please contact your State Director for approval)


CERTIFIED MEASURING BOARDS ONLY ARE ALLOWED!! Such as Ketch Boards and Hawg Troughs. Nothing that is foldable or retractable is allowed. Also NO thin aluminum rulers! Your fishi will NOT COUNT if competing with uncertfified equipment!


Notes: All membership fees must be paid in advance before the first event to fish! - ($60)

Entry fees- Each team/solo angler, must pay the entry fee the morning of the event to fish, not after! - ($50)cash.

($10 goes to Lunker Pot)   PAYOUT- Top 3 Teams take cash, all others entered in for raffle prizes! 100% Payout

Anglers may fish as a Team or Solo (see below for Partner Substitution) no matter what you choose it is the same Entry fee.


Please keep in mind, that trails in different states or Countries may have different Minimum size  catch requirements. Directors please be aware of those laws and let Anglers know in advance!

"Trolling" The act of casting a lure out and trolling motor for a duration of time** is not allowed during events****

*** Team = 2 Anglers  or You may choose to fish Solo (either way the entry fee is still $50)

***NO Live Bait***

***Landing Nets Allowed***

Vessels Allowed: Any Canoe, Kayak and Any size Jon boat! SEE ABOVE FOR INFO.

  • Please abide by any state laws to use a trolling motor. Directors are not responsible for any angler who does not have the proper licenses.

  • GAS MOTORS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ANYTIME. Any gas motor should be detached from the vessel.

  • All Anglers must have the appropriate Fishing License for your area..

  • Anglers under the age of 18 yrs. Old, must have a signed Parent Consent Form will all of the correct Parent Contact info. (see Parent Consent Form)

  • Any Angler under the age of 16 yrs. Old must be accompanied by a Parent during the event.

  • Coast Guard Certified PFD's MUST be worn at all times on kayaks and canoes. Jon Boats must comply with your state regulations.

  • All Anglers must use a certified Hawg Trough to measure their catch. If an Angler has their own they may fish with it as long as they present it to their Director to be inspected.

  • S.N.T.F. uses the C.P.R method in our events. Catch, Photo, Release.  BEST 5 FISH !!!

  • All Fish must be measured on the Hawg Trough from left to right on the bump board,dorsal fin up only. The fish cannot be measured upside down!!!!ANY FISH IN THE PIC  NOT MEASURED FACING LEFT TO RIGHT , WILL NOT BE COUNTED!!!! Mouth facing left, dorsal fin up, tail to the right!

  • The Fishes mouth must be CLOSED and placed against the bump board! If it is not, there will be a 1/4 inch deduction!

  • YOUR IDENTIFICATION CODE MUST BE IN EVERY PICTURE, visible and clear or your submission will be denied!

  • All fish are measured in 1/4 inch increments, we Round down to nearest 1/4 inch!

  • Tail pinching is NOT allowed. - 1inch DEDUCTION if pinched in the picture.

  • AT ANYTIME YOU MAY NOT SUBMIT THE SAME FISH TWICE! If this happens, it will result in an automatic disqualification from the event!!

  • If an angler is caught cheating they will be terminated from all S.N.T.F events and there will be no refund from either the membership fee or the entry fee that day!

  • If a S.N.T.F Hawg trough is lost or damaged during an event a $15 fee will be collected!

  • Anglers fishing as a team using separate Kayaks must stay within 20 yards of one another. This is the only time anglers may fish “split up”.

  • 1st,2nd, 3rd Places and Monster Big Bass will be rewarded a Cash Prize the same day of the event. All others will be entered in for raffle prizes.


Partner Substitution Rules

Partner Substitution fee= $15 per event (This money will go into the Lunker Pot that event)


  • You will only be able to substitute a partner Two Times during the Tournament Season for your designated trail!

  • The substitute angler will have to pay a $15 Fee for subbing that event! (equivalent to a membership fee, that all other anglers paid)


Point Standings


  • Each teams total length of fish will be counted towards their point totals

  • Meaning if a team caught a total of 50 inches of bass in an event, that equals out to 50 points for that event.

  • The team or angler with the highest total points at the end of that season will be name ANGLER/S OF THE YEAR!!!!



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