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         First and foremost we Respect each other as Anglers, The Sport and the Residence around us!


Vessels Allowed: Any Canoe, Kayak and Any size Jon boat! Note:  Any sized trolling motors may be used, ( Jon Boats or Aluminum Boats must be of Small Boat Tournament status) If you are unsure if you're boat is acceptable, please contact your State Director for approval)

KAYAK SERIES: 1 Trolling motor is allowed!


Overall Rules that ALL anglers MUST abide by please!




*******All vessels MUST be back at boat launch ON TIME***** 

            NO later than 15 minutes or it will result in a 1 inch deduction per each minute after 15 mins. If 45 minutes late then that individual or team will be disqualified. Emergency reasons will be dismissed.


Rules are Rules & Safety is First!!! PFD’s MUST be worn at all times for all Kayak, Canoe and Jon Boat Anglers!!!!


-Must have a CERTIFIED Hawg Trough that is handed out to you or you can use your own measuring Board as long as it is inspected by your Trail Director. Ketch Boards and Hawg Troughs only! Retractable or folding boards are not allowed!!! Lines MUST be marked on every board and submissions will not be counted. Please keep the judges in mind that need to verify your catch.


When measuring a fish please be aware of SUN GLARE on your board. It will make it very difficult to judge and will be DENIED!!


5 Bass Limit: (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass) 


12 inch minimum


Remember we ROUND DOWN to the nearest ¼ inch , standard CPR rules.


-The lure must be out of the fishes mouth when measuring so as to not obstruct accurate measurement. Failure to do so will result in a denied submission.


-The Identifier Code that is given to you must be visible in every single submission. You can write it on a card, paper or even write it big and clear on your hand! Keep in mind the card with the identifier on it may never be on or touching the fish. The submission will not count!!!


-Measure the Fish CORRECTLY: EVERY submission must be the following: 


-The bass’s MOUTH must be facing LEFT in the picture to the judges view, Mouth COMPLETELY CLOSED and touching the bump fence! If you hold the fish firmly snug it up against the bump fence, the mouth will close.


-DEDUCTION of .25  inch, if the mouth is open even slightly!


-The TAIL to the RIGHT (NO tail pinching in the picture) it will be denied!!!


-Dorsal fin UP


-Only one hand is allowed in the picture BUT may NEVER cover the face of the bass, must be placed BEHIND the gill plate, or in the middle of the fish-


*******TAIL PINCHING IS NOT ALLOWED in the submitted pic, however you can pinch the tail prior to taking the picture.




-IN CASE OF A TIE, the team or angler with the biggest fish will take the winnings!


-The same fish may not be submitted twice in a single day event! If this happens that angler will be disqualified!!!


-If you have a cooler on board, the Director or Co-Director is required to do a cooler check!


-Any suspicion of false play and that team or angler will be withdrawn from the tournament series for life with no refund!!!

Note: All membership fees must be paid in advance before the first event to fish! - ($60)

Entry fees- Each team/solo angler, must pay the entry fee the morning of the event to fish, not after! - ($50)cash.






($10 goes to Lunker Pot)   PAYOUT- Top 3 Teams take cash, all others entered in for raffle prizes! 100% Payout

Anglers may fish as a Team or Solo  (SOLO only in Kayak Series) (see below for Partner Substitution) no matter what you choose it is the same Entry fee.








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