Event  Pics

Season Opener

3/30/19- MA Trail : Long Pond

Brenden MacDonald   & Andrew Delosh  - 1st Place with a      19.25 in   Lunker


4/6/19- MA Trail: Chebacco Lake

1st Place-  Aaron Lipman & Paul Ferri  -    81.25 inches

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4/14/19- NJ Trail :    Assunpink Lake

1st Place & Lunker 19.25 in - Mike McFadden & Kevin Kramer

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4/20/19- GA Trail    ( Season Opener) :  Stone Mountain Lake

GA 8.jpeg

1st Place:  Paul Abbott - 84.50 inches

2nd Place: Semione Terrel ( Sham)- 51.50 inches

GA 2.jpeg
GA 3.jpeg

3rd Place: Phillip Henderson &  Keyiers Jones- 31.50 inches

GA 1.jpeg
GA 10.jpeg
GA 9.jpeg
GA 7.jpeg
GA 6.jpeg
GA 5.jpeg
GA 4.jpeg

Lunker : 20.50 inches

4/20/19- MA Trail:   Event #3

1st Place- Paul Ferri & Aaron Lipman: 65.5

2nd Place- Michael Donovan & Danny Saunders:  34.25 ( Lunker= 19.25)

3rd Place- Brendan McDonald & Andrew Delosh:  31.25

MA 4.jpeg
MA 1.jpeg
MA 2.jpeg
MA 5.jpeg
MA 3.jpeg

4/27/19-CT Trail: Lake Zoar ( Season Opener)

1st Place: Eric C. & Mike H. - 55.25

CT 11.jpg
CT 12.jpg
CT 2.jpg

2nd Place: Matt & Paulo H.- 53.75

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CT 9.jpg
CT 1.jpg
CT 4.jpg
CT 6.jpg
CT 7.jpg

3rd Place: G-Rock & Mike L.-  28.75

CT 13.jpg

Lunker: Kenny W. & Ian S.  -  19.75

CT 8.jpg

4/27/19- ME Trail: Season Opener  ( Alford Lake)

1st: Brady  Ouellette- 34.00 inches

2nd Place:  Trevor   Otis &   Zach Burwood- 17.00 inches

Lunker: Brady Ouellette-   18.50 inches

ME 1.jpeg
ME 3.jpeg
ME 2.jpeg

5/4/19-NE Trail  : (Season Opener)

1st- Nathan Gloria &  Geoff Lucas-   81.25

2nd- Brandon Krause- 78.75

3rd- Chris Woodhead & Jordan Schmidt- 78.50

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NE 2.jpeg
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NE 4.jpeg
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NE 7.jpeg
NE 6.jpeg

5/4/19- Event #4  MA-Trail: 

1st:  Brendan MacDonal & Andrew Delosh- 88.25    and Lunker- 20.00

2nd: Eric Christo- 81.25

3rd: Justin Wager- 78.50

MA 6.jpeg
MA 5.jpeg
MA 4.jpeg
ma 8.jpeg

5/18/19- Event #2 : NE Trail

1st Place: Chase Powers & Garrett Deer - 79.00     ( Lunker - 16.25 )

2nd Place:  Kade Safranek & Clay Brandon-  16.25

3rd Place: Chris Woodhead & Jordan Schmidt- 14.75

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ne 9.jpeg
ne 2.jpeg
ne 5.jpeg
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ne 8.jpeg
ne 4.jpeg
ne 3.jpeg

5/19/19- CT Trail:      Long Pond

1st Place: Dan Molleur & Rich Salzarulo- 88.00

2nd Place: Eric Christo & Mike Hughes- 38.25

3rd Place: Iam Stammel & Kenny Wildes-  33.50     and Lunker- 21.25

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ct 6.jpeg
ct 4.jpeg
kenny n ian.jpeg
ct 8.jpeg
shark trip.jpeg
ct 5.jpeg
ct 1.jpeg

Michigan Trail- Season Opener  - 6/1/19  : Clear Lake

1st- Tony Hart & Braydon Steeb- 87.25

2nd- Todd Williams & Shane Zelasko- 45.00

3rd- Bruce Gates- 31.25


Slay Pics from Across the Nation

SLAY NEW 1.jpg
SLAY NEW 4.jpeg
SLAY NEW 2.jpeg
SLAY NEW 3.jpeg
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SLAY NEW 7.jpeg