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COLLEGE SLAYERS...... here it is!!
We are going to be offering our first College Kayak Series for 2023!

THERE IS NO MEMBERSHIP for this Series!!! However, you will have access to our Members ONLY Discount codes!!!!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at:

Head Director: Jacob Stem

We are holding 4 regional Events in total. 3 Regular Season Events and 1 Championship! Anglers must fish 2 of the 3 Regular season events to qualify for the Regional Championship Event on Lake Champlain!

4/15/23 - Smith Mountain Lake- VA
Mandatory Captains Meeting- Friday April 14th 5 pm 
Location: SML Tackle Shop - 13326 Booker T Washington Highway Moneta,VA 24121
Ceremony- April 15 ( All must attend) 5pm
Location: SML Tackle Shop - 13326 Booker T Washington Highway Moneta,VA 24121

5/27/23 - Cayuga Lake - NY

7/8/23 - Susquehanna River- PA
Tourney X Registration link:

Boundaries (Same as Hobie BOS):

Angler can launch at any public access or ramp within the listed boundaries below. 


Northern Boundary: Sunbury Dam. Anglers must launch and fish below Sunbury Dam.


Southern Boundary: York Haven/ Goldsboro Dam. Anglers must launch and fish above the Goldsboro Dam.


Tributary Boundaries:


Juniata River: The last legal launch is the PFBC Thompsontown Boat access at 333 Bridge. Anglers may fish above this launch, but cannot launch above it. All launches and water from this launch to the mouth of the Suquehanna River will be legal waters.


All other tributaries: To be considered a legal launch, anglers must launch at a Public Access within a measured mile of where the tributary meets the Susquehanna River. This is a launch boundary, anglers can fish further up the tributary as needed/ able.


For this event only, We will allow safe portaging and wading but your boat must be tethered to you at all times while fishing.

8/19/23 -  Lake George, NY

- ALL College Kayak Series Anglers must submit a valid/up to date College ID, fill out both a Membership and Liability waiver, found on our membership page-----> click here

- Entry fees per event- $115 ($90 to the pot, $10 to Big Bass, $15 to fees)
- Top 10% of event gets paid - anglers that do not place in the money, will be entered in prize giveaways.
Must show proof of College ID and age range is 17 - 28 years old (email to: )

-Ketch Boards Only
-5 Best Bass
-Catch,Photo, Release format using
-must have a TourneyX account
-For Tournament Rules, proper measuring etc... visit our
- Each event will have specific launching rules etc.. that will be communicated to registered anglers for that event!
-minimum Kayak length = 10 feet
-maximum Kayak length = 14 feet


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